Suspension Accessories

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Gender :Unisex

Color :Blk

Size :US:NA

The Gerber Suspension NXT is a cool and complete multi-tool with all tools you need on a daily basis. Except for the pliers you can access all tools from the outside. This is incredibly practical, because you can carry out most tasks without opening the pliers. All these tools are locked when opened. As such you never have to worry that one of the knives or the saw closes during one of the more demanding tasks.

Gerber Suspension NXT tools-Needle nose pliers with spring-Pliers-Wire cutters-Smooth blade-Large flat screwdriver-Philips head screwdriver-Saw-Can opener-Small flat screwdriver-Scissors-Serrated blade-Lanyard eye-Bottle opener-Wire strippers-Medium-sized flat screwdriver-Awl-File